Chronicle, or how to speak like an asshole

by Mr. Nobel

When they go see a movie, some people wonder why the dialogue in films are so stylized. Most of the time, the dialogue in films doesn’t sound at all like how people talk in real life.

Chronicle offers a compelling reason for why that is: the kind of crap you say on a day to day basis, when stripped of context and established relationships, is pretty fucking annoying. It takes a while to warm up to the characters in Chronicle because the writers go for authentic, mumblecore-esqe teenage discourse. Which is, of course, to say that everyone in the movie acts like a complete, quasi-illiterate tit for the first 15 or so minutes it takes the audience to mentally adjust to the protagonists’ personalities.

At some point in the film, probably when they start fooling around with their superpowers, the banter becomes less irritating and more endearing. Some people might never make that jump from actively disliking the people on screen to rooting for them.