Stretched out posts

by Mr. Nobel

Writing crap on Word Press is a lot like a habit. You gotta do it all the damn time or it doesn’t stick. The last several attempts I’ve made at keeping something like this up and running haven’t stuck. The problem with those is that I imposed a rigid structure and gimmick. Writing felt too much like an obligation, not a hobby. I get enough of writing to meet specifications in my other, real job.

This blog, however, has no gimmicky restrictions. I’m free to write whatever I damn well choose to. The problem comes in the dry season. January/February? I’m still catching up on some of last year’s smaller films. I have stuff to write about. March? Dry season. Dumping ground for the blockbusters studios don’t have much confidence in (see Watchmen, John Carter) and indie comedies (Jeff Who Lives At Home, Friends with Kids). I don’t really care about either kind of movies.

John Carter was pretty good, but it’s nothing real interesting to talk about. It’s a straightforward film, with no real complexities or wrinkles.

Friends with Kids? Maybe in 10 years. If I get a sex change operation.

I’m interested in watching The Hunger Games, but that isn’t out till next week. No press screenings in sight, at least not for me. I don’t think it’ll be a good movie, but, hey, there’s always room for surprise. Low expectations are meant to be beaten, right?

When dry season comes along, you struggle to find stuff to talk about. I’ve kind of wanted to write something about Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close – massively underrated, but only because it’s regarded with as much revile as the late Kim Jong-il. But, again, not really interesting. Especially after the Oscars and after Max von Sydow had any chance at stealing Christopher Plummer’s trophy.

You know what I will talk about? Modern Warfare 3. Damn underrated game, among hip, alternative crowds (90+ on IGN was always a given). Sure, the game boils down to, basically, pure mechanics, but few games on the hardcore consoles aim for the cheap party crowd anymore. Rock Band and Guitar Hero require a large investment in plastic peripherals and space – stuff of which I don’t really have the luxury. So, what’s left? Some shitty racing games, and the Call of Duty games. Say what you will about Infinity Ward, but they’ve always kept split screen (much like Bungie). Mad props for pairing this iteration of Modern Warfare with the best co-op shooting game on a console.