Epitaph; Century 16, Aurora, CO

by Mr. Nobel

If you haven’t already heard, a man dressed up as the Joker last Thursday night/Friday morning and started a shooting rampage during a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises. He wound up killing 12 and injuring dozens more in Aurora, CO and left a bobby trapped apartment for law enforcement to grapple with.

12 deaths is a tragedy regardless of the particulars, but that this occurred in a movie theater, that the victims’ only crime was to love movies and Batman, made this a zeitgeist capturing tragedy. The shooter was, after all, ostensibly one of us on paper. A PhD candidate in neuroscience, the product of a suburban/urban upbringing; not, if you’ve watched Taxi Driver, a chewed out, broken shell of a veteran or even a subjugated, hyperviolent teenager.

I’ve been hesitant about writing a post on the tragedy for my blog because it felt wrong trying to wring words out of something so tragic and still so raw. Inevitably, I’d have to figure out a way to bring this back to myself (this is, as you know, not a news blog), and that felt too self-serving for me to do. Yet ultimately, I realized that it would be too shameful to not write anything. This is primarily a movie/TV/video game blog, and the Aurora shootings will almost certainly go down as a seminal event in our little world.

Of course, I’ve gone and done exactly what I was afraid of doing. I brought this tragedy back to me, spun it through myself in service of writing a blog. I suppose that makes me a bad person. I apologize.

I’ll end on this: no one comes out of a tragedy like this unscathed. 12 families have lost loved ones forever on Friday. One family is being hounded by reporters and even a fucking news helicopter. And we’ve lost yet another bright, talented young person to hate and violence.

That’s it from me. I’ll leave it to better men and women to analyze the cause, meaning and implications of the ensuing fallout in the coming days and weeks.

For now, make those damned unlucky Nolanites proud. Go out and watch a movie. Hug a friend. Kiss a baby. Slap a bitch in the face.

Good day to you all, ladies and gentlemen.