by Mr. Nobel

There are moments in life that are simply perfect. They go a little something like this-

You’re sitting at your desk after a good meal. You’ve got work, be it productive or creative, planned for the evening. Just as you settle into a comfortable position in your seat, a breeze comes through the window. It’s substantial and long enough to be felt, but not forceful enough to be uncomfortable. You realize just how pleasant the room is right now, the pleasing colors outside, be it the glorious fading light of the day or a dance of stormy clouds. Suddenly, the blank Word document in front of you looks a whole lot less intimidating.

Or, alternatively-

You’re in your friend’s pad, chilling. Someone says something funny. You laugh. Someone bounces off that guy (or lady friend) and says something even funnier. You say something funny. They laugh, everyone laughs together. You forget about the petty grievances you might have against this friend or that dude, and you remember why you love the people in your life so much.

You’re driving down the highway with a friend, going home from a day out. The night has reduced everything to a blur of lights, colored dots. You switch radio stations and on comes this massively overplayed bit of pop music. You both start belting out the lyrics (which you both know by heart) at the top of your voices, embarrassment and civility forgotten.

You sit in front of a computer at a desk. The breeze through the window gives you the courage to try and articulate your feelings on the internet…

These moments are never premeditated; the satisfaction from finally reaching or accomplishing a goal is far different than what I’m talking about here. Planning or actively seeking out this kind of perfection robs it of the magic, its effect.

These are the times when you’re suddenly and potently reminded that life is great.

Sure, life can be unpleasant – maybe sad, maybe lonely, maybe empty – but how else could we fully appreciate the good? The breeze is meaningless unless you’ve experienced cold, frigid winter nights and hot, sweltering summer days.

I hate to end on such an unbearably pretentious note, but here’s that bag scene from American Beauty. While the execution leaves much to be desired, I get where the writer was going with it. And I agree.



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