Fall 2012 festivals recap

by Mr. Nobel

*Like Metacritic but less respectable 

Argo: magnificent

The Master: transcendently WTF

To The Wonder: a very confused and aroused ugh

Something in the Air: underdeveloped

Hyde Park on Hudson: middling

Anna Karenina: who got Baz Luhrmann in my Tolstoy?

Spring Breakers: not Trash Humpers…nope, definitely not Trash Humpers with Selena Gomez

The Company You Keep: somewhat compelling, which is to say quite good for late period Redford

Passion: inert, which is to say average for late period De Palma

Looper: stupendous

The Place Beyond the Pines: ambitious

Seven Psychopaths: meta

Cloud Atlas: mixed

The Silver Linings Playbook: crowd pleasing

Life of Pi: spiritual

Lincoln: a 19th century In the Loop…wait, what?

Not Fade Away: pleasing, but insubstantial

Flight: good opening, weak ending