Thoughts that I’ve had

by Mr. Nobel

In no particular order:

Snowquester (A.K.A. Noquester)

Immensely disappointing.

North Korea

All of the recent military threats aren’t that surprising. Kim Jong Eun presumably doesn’t have a lot of support within the KPA, so all this aggressive posturing (in response to UN sanctions) is a way through which the young dictator can court the KPA’s old, bloodthirsty hawks.


Fantastic. Go watch it if you haven’t and/or aren’t already.

Community season 4

In my work for the newspaper, I’ve been recapping and posting my thoughts about the current season of Community. Long story short: a fair amount of promise buried underneath tons of ill conceived fan service and surprisingly poor writing.  Chevy Chase is also seriously phoning it in.

Scrapped entries

In the weeks since the last post, I’ve started (and stalled) on several posts, ranging from an essay on YouTube to a bit about my comedy project. I’ve always tried to do about 2 or so entries a month, but ennui has set in,  slowing that rate down to about 1 entry a month. This will hopefully pick up during the spring and summer when I’ll have more cinema stuff to write about.

Spring Breakers

I’m going to watch it. I’m probably going to like it. I’m not going to be proud of it. Unless, of course, if Harmony Korine managed to make Trash Humpers again but with Disney stars.

To the Wonder

Great trailers, but I’m approaching this one with caution. For some weird reason, it looks as if critics who liked The Tree of Life didn’t dig this one, while those left cold by TTOL liked To the Wonder a good deal more.

Pacific Rim, Elysium, Monuments Men, The World’s End

If anyone would like to hook me up with scripts for the above, it would be much appreciated.


Tom Hooper’s dreadful Les Miserables has the same score as Catch Me If You Can? Fuck off!

About this entry

I’ve tried to emulate absentmindedly scrolling down the front page of Reddit here. Mostly, this shotgun approach to writing helps me power through the aforementioned ennui and finish a god damn post for once.


I hate proofreading my own writing. If I manage to somehow catch a grammatical fuck up on one of these posts, I’ll fix it. Otherwise, please forgive me transgressions.


Middle of nowhere

Surprisingly good bao zi

Prepare for long wait 

SimCity Gate

It really shouldn’t have surprised anyone. Isn’t that a depressing thought?


I remember watching Snatch a few years ago and liking it a whole lot. Last Friday, I watched Snatch on Netflix and I found myself liking it a whole lot less. I still enjoyed the last 30 or so minutes (basically starting with Bullet Tooth Tony’s entrance), but the rest of the movie is such a slog, drenched and drowned in Guy Richie’s suffocating style. Part of my disaffection probably comes from the past decade of indie flicks and YouTube videos that’ve aped Snatch, but mostly it’s that Richie’s subsequent movies have demonstrated far more restrained and elegant uses of his aesthetic than the obnoxious crap in Snatch.


Seriously, what the fuck?