Pouring one out for Community

by Mr. Nobel

In the somewhat likely event that NBC doesn’t renew Community, Dan Harmon’s gloriously off-kilter baby will have aired its last episode tonight. To honor/mourn that occasion, here are my tops/bottoms of the series.

Best episode: “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas”

It was funny, sweet and immensely moving; the rare Christmas special that will stand the test of time. The claymation gimmick was executed with impressive panache, right down to the kind of heartbreaking final shot.

Rest of the best: “Mixology Certification,” “Regional Holiday Music,” “Modern Warfare,” and “Remedial Chaos Theory”

Worst episode: “Conventions of Space and Time”

“Intro to Knots” was vaguely improved by the finale, so this (dis)honor goes to “Conventions of Space and Time,” one of the most egregious and miscalculated applications of fan service ever.

Rest of the worst: “Competitive Wine Tasting,” “History 101,” “Intro to Knots,” and “Studies in Modern Movement”