A few updates

by Mr. Nobel

Re: Calibration – I’ve put that on hold slightly so as to not ruin my cinematic palette before blockbuster season. I’d really hate to be that only guy who gives Red 2 a positive review because I just sat through Movie 43. On the other hand, it looks as if I am the only guy who didn’t totally hate After Earth.

E3 – This year’s a doozy. Microsoft has to win over the hardcore crowd alienated by their memetic, TV-centric unveiling, Sony has to not fuck up while Nintendo has to start doling out Wii U game release dates. I’ll be covering/writing a recap of the main press conferences for The Diamondback, but I’ll probably post some early thoughts here. I’m especially looking forward to the Ubisoft one, now that I know host Aisha Tyler voices Lana on Archer.

WWDC 2013 – The same day as Microsoft and Sony’s E3 pressers, Apple will be hosting their annual WWDC keynote. Macbook Air refreshes, the next OS X and iOS iterations are expected to be on the table. I couldn’t care less about OS X, but I really do hope Jony Ive’s new “flat” UI design and other goodies bring iOS back to (or at least close to) functionality parity with Android.

Tout est Traduction – Damn it, Aiden