Trailer Park

by Mr. Nobel

As the year winds down, 2013 doesn’t look to be one for the movie record books. There have been some good movies, some awful movies, but nothing truly great or truly awful. But despite the somewhat middling assortment of films released this year, the trailers released this year were of a higher than average caliber, with many standouts across all genres. Here are some of my favorites from this year.

Best acid trip

Trance’s red band manages to cleverly pack the general gist of the film into one of the film’s off-kilter therapy session, giving us a good sense of what the movie’s about whilst delivering increasingly abstract but tightly edited imagery. The head shot at the end is a perfect, bloody cherry on top.

Best “action”

The first Gravity teaser kind of sucked, but happily the second batch of Gravity trailers consisted entirely of almost unedited sections straight from the film. The best of the bunch was this clip from the opening, 15-minute take that ends on a haunting shot of Sandra Bullock drifting into the void before parting on Arvo Part’s Spiegel im Spiegel. Well done.

Best comedy

From the expert use of Kanye West to the perfect mix of physical comedy and pitch-perfect zingers, this is what a trailer should be: a tonal sample of the film without giving too much of anything away save the basic premise. Regardless of how this movie actually turns out, I will die a happy man having seen Scorsese’s freeze frame on a midget toss.

Best drama

With a film like Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, the easy way out for a hack marketer would’ve been to cut together something flashy but totally unrepresentative of this slow, meditative flick. Instead, the editors wisely decided to put Ain’t Them Bodies Saints’ gorgeous, Malickian cinematography center stage, resulting in the most beautiful trailer of the year.

Best horror

The best metric of any horror trailer is whether or not it caused you to piss yourself. Moving on.

Next year

Weaponized Wes Anderson. I love it.