What I watched in March

by Mr. Nobel

I watched most of these during the 48 hours I spent riding airplanes in March.

  • Foxcatcher [1]
  • Into the Woods [2]
  • Interstellar (rewatched)
  • Wild [3]
  • Gone Girl (rewatched)
  • Nightcrawler (rewatched)
  • The Imitation Game (rewatched minus all the boarding school flashbacks)
  • 22 Jump Street (rewatched)
  • Gone Girl (rewatched)
  • American Hustle (rewatched)
  • Magic in the Moonlight 
  • Boyhood (rewatched)
  • Birdman (rewatched)

[1] – Like spending two hours in a dank, moldy, vaguely homoerotic mansion. Comparisons to There Will Be Blood make sense on a thematic level, but Foxcatcher lacks pretty much all of There Will Be Blood‘s dynamism. This is one immensely undramatic drama.

[2] – Into the Woods is a perfectly fine cocktail of fairy tales and a perfectly fine critique of those fairy tales. Trouble is the combination of these two disparate halves only serves to undermine the whole. I would have been entirely satisfied if the fairy tale retelling was only 15 or 30 minutes, instead of the entire first half of the damn film.

[3] – I liked Wild way more than I would have expected. Turns out that Eat, Pray, Love is infinitely more palatable if the protagonist is getting her ass kicked every second she spends on screen. It’s true that when taken out of context the protag’s epiphanies and life lessons are the same breed of pat, bullshity new age mumbo jumbo as Eat, Pray, Love, but the protag earns every single word in the ounces of blood, sweat and tears she expends on her hike.