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Something simpler

This blog has been around for over half a year, which makes it the longest running journal I’ve ever kept. Through those months and 61 posts, I’ve kept the design the same. I remember not liking how most of the free WordPress designs were too flashy, too colorful. I settled on something minimalist, something pretty much monochrome. It was certainly functional, maybe even very functional.

So why does This Great Evil now look a good deal different? Well, every once in a while, I like to spruce things up a little. You see, I got really sick and tired of Grid Focus’s header links. I never liked the way the text was centered in those blocks, and decided that now was the time to do something different. The new design is, if anything, even more minimalist, now totally monochrome (except for images within each post).

There is, unfortunately, a regrettable trade-off in functionality – the rather handy sidebar and search box have been moved to the bottom of the page – but the benefits easily outweigh the shortcomings. For one thing, I think the new blog looks much nicer. Also, the redesign process is invigorating, much like how tidying up your messy desk puts you in a frame of mind to do shit.

That’s not to say that there will be an increased amount of shit doing on this blog (it is, after all, still summer), but I do think that a couple more involved blog posts to ring in the new layout should be expected.


Hullo, world!

There’s nothing quite like four weeks of inactivity and final exams to kill enthusiasm in a project. To put it less obliquely, I’ve grown tired of writing on A Movie A Day and The Adventures of Gerard. Yet, at the same time, I still enjoy the idea of having an output through which I can rant inarticulately and incoherently about movies, video games, literature and pop culture in general.

So, I present to you This Great Evil. No watch-a-movie-everyday gimmick, no meta-narrative shtick, just pure, unadulterated bullshit. Bullshit, Incorporated, if you will.

I just hope this bullshit sticks.