How to deal with deep existential crisis when in countries with stores different than those in your country

A quick rundown of Canadian chains against their American counterparts:

Future Shop is like Best Buy, but with a much better name. It’s a little weird to me how Canada has Future Shop while Australia has Retravision. Also, Black Friday isn’t really a thing. Instead, Boxing Day’s the big electronics sale event of the year.

The Bay is like Macys, but with a much classier name. It’s not that Macys is a bad name, it’s just that The Hudson’s Bay Company has a much snazzier ring to it.

Shoppers Drug Mart is CVS, even down to the fucking color scheme. Seriously, what the fuck?

Tim Hortons resembles Dunkin Donuts, except the coffee’s much better and they have a faffy name for donut holes (Timbits).

The Real Canadian Superstore doesn’t really have an equivalent from my part of America. From what I’ve heard, Meijer is pretty much the same. Basically, it’s store with everything. Like, literally, everything. And not in those gigantic Costco boxes either.

Rogers is the AT&T of Canada. I have no idea if everyone hates them as much as people shit on Ma Bell, since I never dealt with that shit back in my day.

Oh yeah, and pennies aren’t a thing anymore.

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