by Mr. Nobel

I’ve long accepted that the upcoming late-fall/winter/spring months means weeks of sniffling and wheezing coming and going in waves. The very worst cycles will result in fever, headaches and unwholesome thoughts about adorable animals. If luck is on my side, the sneezing and coughing will go away in a few days, with only my box of Kleenex coming out worse for the wear.

The bad days require bucketloads of Sudafed, DayQuil, orange juice and Fisherman’s Friend for me to not be a sub-functional bag of mucus and phlegm. The phlegm is easily the worst part of being sick. It’s like this constant burden, this weight in your throat that you keep trying to kick out by coughing and coughing, except that only makes your throat hurt more while the yellow shit isn’t any closer to leaving your diseased body, and-…

Welp, bed and NyQuil for me.